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Twist sprayer

Improve showering, single-handedly.

Your family will want to use all four of the Twist showerhead settings, so we made switching from one to another easier than ever. The new Moen® Twist handheld shower twists between settings with just a flick of your thumb. Whether you need a relaxing mist or invigorating spray for adults, or a soft rinse for children or pets, Twist has a setting just for you. There's even a strong, focused spray that's ideal for cleaning your tub or shower. And, Twist looks great, too - with unique yet transitional styling, it will suit almost any d├ęcor.

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The Twist Experience

Explore all four settings:


Awakens the senses with an invigorating, full coverage spray.

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Covers your body in a heavy, relaxing mist of water.

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A soft yet heavy rinse, perfect for bath time with kids and pets.

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A strong, focused spray ideal for cleaning your bathtub and shower.

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