Can I upgrade my four outlet ioDigital valve shower to the four outlet U by Moen shower without a major remodel?

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Yes, the four outlet U by Moen shower valve has the same number and size of inlets and outlets as the ioDigital the ioDigital 4 outlet valve. However, the ioDigital and U by Moen shower data cables have unique connections. Yes, if the iO data cable cannot be removed from the wall, adapter cable service kit 183966 is available to connect the ioDigital data cable to the U Shower valve and controller. In terms of the controller, the U by Moen shower version mounts horizontally, whereas the ioDigital mounts vertically. Some cosmetic work may be required to the wall where the controller was mounted to cover the iO controller mounting holes that may be exposed after the U by Moen shower controller is installed.