Alexa is responding with an error message

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Alexa response: "You must connect your U by Moen account to use this skill. Please use the Alexa app to link your U by Moen account."

  • Reason: U by Moen skill has not been enabled and connected to the users U by Moen account
  • Solution: Enable the U by Moen skill within the Alexa app and connect the U by Moen account to the Alexa account

Alexa response: "The temperature you've requested is higher than the max temperature setting on the shower."

  • Reason: The requested temperature is higher than the "Maximum Temperature Setting" within the U by Moen app for that shower.
  • Solution: Select a temperature below the "Maximum Temperature Setting" when activating your shower with Alexa

Alexa response: "The temperature you've requested is not a valid number."

  • Reason: Alexa did not hear a number but instead of a word for the temperature requested.
  • Solution: Request a valid temperature number with your Alexa voice command

Alexa response: "Hmm, I couldn't find a preset by that name, try again."

  • Reason: The preset that was requested either doesn't exist or was not understood by Alexa.
  • Solution: Make sure you say the preset name clearly and exactly as it in your U by Moen app. Another option is to simplify the preset name to something more discernable

Assure your Alexa device is well positioned for optimal interaction: place it at least eight inches from any walls and windows; assure there's no echo or reverb in the room. Additional device help and support can be found at