A showering experience unlike any other

Showering Reimagined™

Enhance your experience with water

This is Bliss

As you step into your shower, a billowing spray of warm water invites you to step in.  You are instantly soaked from head to toe. Your daily concerns dissolve away. You breathe calmly and deeply, taking it all in and letting it all go. You're making the most of every drop of water even as you indulge in a private ritual that prepares you to engage in your day. You are fresh, revived and ready to take on your day. 

Showering Reimagined

Showering Reimagined

The Nebia by Moen spa shower has been meticulously engineered for optimal warmth, rinsing and body coverage. It provides more pressure and double the water coverage of traditional showers.


Sleek, contemporary look in the bath

Organic forms and soft curves nod to Scandinavian design and warm up modern styling in this rainshower, handshower, adjustable slider and magnetic dock combination.


Install in under 15 minutes or so

The innovative Nebia by Moen spa shower offers a fast, easy DIY installation. Users remove the existing showerhead and shower arm, then replace the Nebia by Moen spa shower to existing plumbing using the tools provided in the box. The shower snaps into the wall and the handshower attaches with a magnetic click.


How to install Nebia:

How to install Nebia:
Double the Coverage

2X the coverage using almost half the water*

Moen has long been a leader in our industry and together we can bring meaningful innovation and provide even greater impact for people around the world. Nebia customers have already saved an estimated 100+ million gallons of water, and are on our way to saving one billion gallons in the next two years.

*when compared to a standard 8" Moen Showerhead under EPA WaterSense testing guidelines for spray coverage

This is just the beginning

Whatever your daily challenges may be, Moen, the leader in water experiences in the home, can help you conquer them by delivering personalized and intelligent products for the hardest working area of your house.